As our loved ones age, everyday tasks can become challenging. The question can start to enter your mind – when is it time to find an in-home caregiver for your elderly loved one? Here are some signs that it might be time to find support for senior in-home care.

If your relationships with your parents or loved ones feel like they’re under fire, you’re not alone. Caring for an aging loved one is not an easy process, and you might feel overwhelmed by the amount of support they need on a daily basis. With hired homecare, you can take some of the weight off your own back and maintain a healthy and loving relationship with the seniors in your life. Hired help can be the bridge that keeps your relationship strong!

You can begin by assessing the overall health of the primary caregiver. If your father takes care of your mother, but he is frequently forgetful, he may no longer be equipped to be the primary caregiver for your aging mother. The same applies to other relationships; if the primary caregiver is experiencing significant barriers to providing reliable care, it may be time to hire a home caregiver. 

Another important factor to take into account is whether or not your aging loved one is losing weight. Many elderly folks begin to lose weight when they lose the energy to cook meals, and many home care agencies offer this as an option included in the ca-re you hire. Your loved one’s forgetfulness is another crucial component that could indicate the need for hiring outside help. If they often forget to turn off the stove, take their medications, or keep the house tidy, you and your loved one may benefit greatly from having adult in-home care. 

On a broad scale, you can watch for signs of physical and cognitive decline, including difficulty performing activities of daily life, changes in physical function and appearance, changes in behavior and mental status, neglect of household responsibilities, and changes in cognition, memory, and judgment. Whether your father struggles to find names or words when speaking, or your mother stops opening her mail and paying her bills, home care can be a very positive step towards ensuring the safety and wellbeing of your aging loved ones.

If any of the issues mentioned above are becoming prevalent in your daily experience with your loved ones, it is time to find a home caregiver. B’Zoe provides in-home caregiving with options for 24-hour care if the client needs it. This two-way consensual decision can be a fundamental step towards prioritizing the wellbeing of your aging loved ones, taking the stress off your worry for them, and ensuring their safety and happiness with in home caregiving. Contact B’Zoe In Home Caregiving to find answers to your questions about supporting your loved ones.