Useful Electronics for Seniors

While the golden years are a time of reflection and special moments, they are also a time of change and adaption. 

It can be disheartening to see your loved ones, whether that be your grandparents, parents or a good friend, struggle with what used to be simple daily tasks.

Thanks to technology though, it doesn’t mean the elderly have to give up on the things that they love. At B’Zoe Home Caregiving Services, we understand that technology plays a key role in making the elderly more comfortable. So, we researched some of the best gadgets out there and here’s what we found. 

Smart pillboxes

Forgetfulness and old age go hand-in-hand, which becomes a problem when you have to take daily medication. The Memo Box is a handy gadget that makes sure you don’t forget to take your pills. It’s an intelligent device that keeps your medication organized. It links to your mobile device, giving you reminders, prescription instructions. It’ll even notify you if you leave home without your medication.

The iRobot® Roomba

This sleek and high-quality gadget is perfect for keeping your floors dust and dirt free. The iRobot® Roomba is the smart way to clean your home without needing to bend over to sweep and clean. It’s also perfect for those who are wheel-chair bound. While it won’t stop your furry friends from running mud through your home, it will certainly clean up after them. 

Tile Sticker

This is another great gadget to help with forgetfulness. You simply attach a Tile Sticker to your car keys, purse, remote control, and keep track of them via an app on your mobile device. Now that’s handy!

Video Doorbells

Also known as smart doorbells, video doorbells are a great way to help keep the elderly safe in their homes. They use video and two-way speakers which link to an app on your mobile device or to a base set that you install indoors. There are plenty of options out there, with Google’s Nest Cam being a popular choice for many.

Fitbit Charge 4

While it’s great for fitness in general, the Fitbit Charge 4 is also the perfect fitness tracker for the elderly. It provides a wide range of health features on a user-friendly interface. The accurate 24/7 heart rate tracker offers peace of mind for seniors. 

Fall detection devices

What happens when the elderly take a fall when no-one is around to assist? Fall detection devices are effective in alerting someone when this happens. The Medical Guardian is a popular option, with various models to choose from.

This is only a few of the many options out there.

Senior care is more than love and compassion, it’s about doing whatever possible to make the lives of the elderly more comfortable. This is especially true when it comes to in-home health care. 

Our mission at B’Zoe Home Caregiving Services is to provide seniors and those who need additional help with in-home care in a loving, respectful and responsible way.