Caring for an adult that is suffering from developmental disabilities is an extremely challenging task. Many people do not realize that caring for an adult with this kind of condition can be a round-the-clock endeavor. 

Having a developmental disability such as dementia or Alzheimer’s doesn’t just affect someone’s memory, it can affect their ability to groom themselves, keep up a routine, take their medicine, eat properly, and more. 

If you are caring for a loved one with a condition like this, you are not alone and it’s okay to ask for help. For many people, the task is simply too overwhelming and can quickly lead to burnout if you aren’t careful. 

In-home care for adults is an option that you can explore to get the additional support you need for your loved one. 

Challenges of Caring for an Adult with Developmental Disabilities

Developmental disabilities such as Alzheimer’s and dementia can set in when adults start to age. There are varying degrees of severity and there are also factors that can affect how slowly or quickly this type of disability progresses. 

This will all need to be discussed with a doctor. In general, here are some of the challenges that  affect this group of people: 

  • Change in personality including increased anger, aggression, and mood swings. This can be some of the most emotionally challenging aspects for loved ones. 
  • Night walking 
  • Restlessness
  • Apathy or disinterest

Some of the additional behaviors that arise from these symptoms is the adult’s inability to exercise, eat full meals, get enough water, maintain hygiene, and more. 

Due to these extreme symptoms, it may be your instinct to move your loved one into your own home. However, this can be extremely emotional and confusing for the adult that needs care. They may be more comfortable in their own space and many providers recommend keeping them in this familiar environment as long as possible. 

In-Home Care for Adults

If you are not trained to help adults with symptoms such as these, it can be extremely frustrating as well as frightening at times. If you are able, seeking in-home care for adults could help you manage this. 

Adult in-home care provides support and companionship for adults with developmental disabilities. When you hire this service, a trained caretaker will be able to spend time with your loved one to offer companionship. However, they’ll also be able to assist with day-to-day tasks to make sure that your loved one is living a high quality of life. 

These services have trained staff that are equipped to deal with symptoms like anger, aggression, and mood swings. Many services even offer 24-hour care if necessary to help mitigate the risk of night walking episodes. 

B’Zoe Home Caregiving Services

If you are interested in in-home care for adults with developmental disabilities, look no further than B’Zoe Home Caregiving Services. 

Here, we hire compassionate individuals so that we are able to keep our passion for service at the forefront of everything we do. Feel free to contact us for more information.