Should Your Senior See A Nutritionist?

Elderly woman eating a bowl of soup

Should Your Senior See A Nutritionist? As we grow and change, so will our nutrition needs. When your loved ones get older, the foods and drinks they consume to ensure a healthy diet may need to change to become slightly different from when they were in their younger years. To put it simply, they may […]

Signs of Aging Not to Ignore

Sad elderly woman holding her jaw

Signs of Aging Not to Ignore Do you think that constant exhaustion, achy joints, and forgetfulness are all part of getting old? Think again. While some changes can be chalked up to our age, other signs may be cause for concern. As you get older, it’s important to know what’s part of healthy aging and […]

Homecare vs. Assisted Living

Caregiver with elderly woman

Home Care vs. Assisted Living When your loved ones begin to age, it can be difficult to choose where they go for extra care. Would they be able to receive proper senior care in their home? Or would it be best to move them into assisted living to meet long-term care needs? This is the […]

Encourage Your Senior To Move Their Body

Elderly women sitting and lifting weights

As people age, oftentimes it leads to a decrease in exercise and more limited mobility.  Encouraging your senior to move their body can help them with so many things! A boosted mood, higher quality of life, and increased longevity.  If you are looking for ways to help seniors move their body in a gentle way, […]

Fun At-Home Hobbies for Seniors

Elderly woman sewing blanket

Fun At-Home Hobbies for Seniors Home should not be a place for seniors to lie in bed or sit endlessly on a rocking chair all day. It should be a place full of life, fun, and companionship to keep their bodies and brain active. One way of beating depression, staving off dementia, and keeping seniors […]

In-Home Care for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Adult female smiling with rabbit in wheelchair.

Caring for an adult that is suffering from developmental disabilities is an extremely challenging task. Many people do not realize that caring for an adult with this kind of condition can be a round-the-clock endeavor.  Having a developmental disability such as dementia or Alzheimer’s doesn’t just affect someone’s memory, it can affect their ability to […]

Getting Your Senior Ready for Cold Weather

Elderly woman in coat with a cane

Getting Your Senior Ready for Cold Weather Do you have a senior member who might require special in home care services? If yes, you need to arm yourself with information on the best strategies of delivering in home caregiving services for your loved ones. As cold weather sets in, there are several things that you […]

The Rewarding Career As An In-Home Caregiver

Elderly woman holding hands with female caregiver.

The rewarding career as an in-home caregiver If you ever thought of giving the in-home caregiver career a try, then it is time you did so. Well, other than the challenges and complexities that it comes with, in-home caregiving has more benefits than you thought. Here are some of the positive pay-offs that this career […]

It’s Ok to Seek Help with Your Loved Ones

Elderly hand holding young adult hand.

A parent’s love is unconditional. For many people, the responsibility of caring for an elderly parent often falls on the grown child. Many children feel that the minimum they can do for their elderly parents is to return the same love and support that was offered to them in their childhood.  However, as people age, […]

Should I Move My Parent In With Me or Keep Them At Home?

Female with elderly woman with a cane, smiling.

There comes a time in many children’s lives where they have to make the difficult decision about if they should move their parents in with them, or keep their parents at home.  There is no one “correct answer” to this question—  Only you know what is best for your family.  If you are facing this […]