Aging in place is becoming more popular by the year. Many seniors say they would prefer to remain at home for as long as they can. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are new environments away from the family, friends, and places that your loved one is familiar and comfortable with. Aging in place with in-home care is a fantastic alternative that allows them to feel independent at home while still providing all the benefits of assisted living. Here’s a quick overview of some of the things B’Zoe Home Caregiving Services can do for your loved one. 

Grooming Help

Our team of highly-trained caregivers will keep your loved one looking sharp! We can help to maintain their personal grooming habits including brushing and styling hair, trimming facial hair, and more. If a senior stops taking care of their personal grooming, they can lose self-esteem and begin to feel depressed. Our caregivers keep them in top shape so they always look and feel their best. We can also help apply makeup and skin care if necessary, and we’re happy to learn other aspects of your loved one’s usual grooming routine. 

Bathing And Personal Hygiene Assistance

As we age, completing simple tasks can become a challenge. We lose range of motion and our muscles weaken, both of which can make things dangerous for seniors to do by themselves. B’Zoe Home Caregiving Services can help with bathing and hygiene so that your elderly family member stays clean and healthy without putting themselves at risk of a fall or other injury. Bathing, showering, hair care, dental hygiene, and more are all taken care of by our trained caregivers. Seniors may forget or no longer be able to take care of their hygiene needs, so our staff will step in to help. As always, this service is personalized to best fit your family’s needs.

Dressing Aid

Have you ever had a day that you’re so tired or sore that putting on your shoes is a struggle? Seniors have to struggle with getting dressed often. They are not as flexible as they once were which can make bending down to get dressed hard, as well as maneuvering into shirts and jackets. Our caregivers will step in and assist as needed to make sure your loved one is looking great. If needed, we can even pick out outfits! Clients who have worsening eyesight can struggle to find outfits that match, so we’ll take the stress out of those decisions. Wearing a nice outfit can really boost your confidence, so we always want our clients to look their best!

Companionship And Support

Generally speaking, seniors who live at home are likely to feel isolated and lonely. Without social interactions, life can get monotonous and stuffy. Especially with the pandemic, many senior activities have been stopped for the safety of everyone involved. As we briefly mentioned, we make sure to match caregivers to clients based on lifestyle, needs, and personality. Your loved one’s caregiver will form a bond with them and provide them companionship and emotional support. Our staff love to sit down and talk with clients about anything and everything. It’s a nice change for your loved one and an opportunity to speak to someone outside of the immediate family. Having a friend and someone to talk to will keep your loved one’s spirits high, helping ward off depression and frustration. 

Dementia Care
Dementia patients often need a lot more care than healthy seniors do. Dementia can cause memory loss, leaving those with the disease feeling lost in their own home. Many of our clients suffer from dementia, and our caregivers are there to help them out. Early-stage dementia can be very frustrating to patients as they notice themselves forgetting things that used to be second nature. They may not be able to recall where things are stored, could forget how to operate kitchen appliances, or may frequently go to start a task only to forget what they were doing. Caregivers can help alleviate the frustration by keeping seniors on the right track with what they’re doing. Our staff is all trained in dementia care, so they know how to be patient when needed and they understand why living with the disease is so challenging. With our help, your loved one will feel as independent as ever.
B’Zoe Home Caregiving Services can help your senior in all kinds of non-medical ways. Other services include medication reminders, games and entertainment, walks and outdoor time, and more. Please fill out the form at https://bzoehomecare.com/contact/ or give us a call at (206) 953-4900 to get started! We’ll set you up with a free consultation to determine which services would be best for your loved one.